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$200 Off and a Free Helmet With Purchase of a New Segway

WarehouseRack.com Offers $200 Off and a Free Helmet With Purchase of a New Segway

We are proud to announce a $200 off and a free helmet promotion with the purchase of a Segway. This promotion offers a cost incentive to warehouse professionals who want to introduce Segways into their warehouse environment. Continue reading

How to Handle Forklift Repairs & Maintenance

Long periods of heavy lifting and moving equipment can take any piece of machinery beyond its normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance and repair helps to keep your used forklifts in good working order, lowering costs and improving efficiency long term.  Just as your car needs an oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles, used forklifts require routine maintenance to prevent deterioration and breakdown. Continue reading

How to Reduce Warehouse Storage Costs

Distribution efficiency is a key to lowering warehouse costs. If your storage system is not set up in a way that makes product storage and retrieval easy, labor costs will be high. There are many low cost options available that will help streamline your warehouse operations. Continue reading

Benefits of Used Warehouse Storage Racking

The Benefits of Used Warehouse Storage Solutions

There are many advantages to purchasing used warehouse storage equipment.  In addition to the obvious advantage of cost savings, the “in stock” options are generally better, and the variety of racking storage solutions can be greater. Continue reading